The games on these innovative audio CDs offer a fun and creative way for kids to cultivate their intuitive and psychic abilities. The tools help strengthen children's awareness of personal boundaries, increase the silent communication between parent and child, develop a child’s sense of body awareness, facilitate concentration abilities and encourage kids to see others as both physical and spiritual beings. The Bubble Kid's CDs are great for the car and have funny sound effects to make the games more engaging for the kids. Ages 3-8.

In Level 1, kids gain awareness of the energy bubble around them by changing its color, making it bigger or smaller and cleaning it out with a "magic sponge". They use an image, like a monkey tail or beanstalk, to ground them to Mother Earth and learn exciting ways to release pent-up energy and emotions in their bodies.

Winner of the May, 2005 CNE Seal of Excellence Award

In Level 2, children will continue to refine the intuitive tools they learned from Level 1, as well as enjoy even more exciting ways to expand their sense of body and psychic awareness. They tour their own "body house", feeling what it's like inside each of the rooms: the heart room, the head room and the belly room. They learn how to body breathe through their skin, develop psychic focusing abilities and connect with other sensitive indigo kids around the world.